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Bryggargatan 4

111 21 Stockholm,Sweden

Tel: (+46) 08-23 83 03
Fax: (+46) 08-21 11 69




Möllevångsgatan 37

214 20 malmö

Tel: (+46) 040-82 803
Mob: (+46) 076-071 00 00




Group travel:


Sweden AB is the universal travel agent for individuals, associations and companies. We arrange and sell eventful journeys by air. We have done this for many years. During these years we have accumulated treasures from near and far. Accommodation, tours and attractions are hand picked for your experience to be as complete as possible! Sun, fun, culture or nature - we have something for everyone!
If you have questions or want to book a trip? Turn like a signal
or visit one of our travel agents in Stockholm and Malmö. Welcome!


With us you can book all domestic airlines. We have agreements with, for example. SAS, Sundsvallsflyg, City Airline, Malmöaviation, Kalmar Flights, Kullaflyg, Skyways and others. In addition to our contract prices as we buy through Sundsvallsflyg the "stack" tickets that we sell to our business customers, that we are in the warehouse, our customers enjoy a lower price without having to commit themselves or to pay out money on more tickets than what one might use.
The advantage to book their domestic air travel through us as a travel agency is that we sit on the knowledge "who operates where" you get consolidated invoice from us, we keep track of any schedule changes, etc. Do you need to change on a journey, we are easily accessible and help you. We have business with us previously booked their trips themselves directly with the airlines or on the internet that counted on what their own time cost them for each booking date. We have identified a relatively low fee we charge is much more worthwhile in the end.

Pick up the phone - call - and we do the rest. Tel: (+46) 08-23 83 03 / (+46) 040-82 803


With us you can book scheduled flights with almost all airlines in the world. We book both airlines' published fares "but also offer our special contract rates with airlines. We are members of IATA, the Air Transport Association, and we sell in Amadeus, an international reservation system to Which reputable airlines joining and ensuring the airline comp That lies with the strict rules That IATA polishing up.We also have strict requirements on us as a travel agency that rules from IATA followed. We must have properly trained staff including booking, price tariffs and regulations, and we report our sales to IATA every week.
One of the advantages of booking your flight through us is that we know how long you should keep between the changes of flight and book you based on it, not based on what minimum is required. We book always consistently tickets which means that if one or more changes to be made along the journey, you have a ticket that ensures that airlines will take you to your final destination even if you miss one of the flights due to such delays. We 'mix' is not airline that we know can cause problems for you if something should happen to your journey, despite the fact that these companies "on paper" work. We give you full service on your journey. We print the electronic ticket, we have track of schedule changes for you, we choose to place you on board where it is possible to do so in advance, we inform about luggage weight and what is served on board.
Do you have special requests, such as the seat board or dietary needs, we try to arrange it for you. We select carriers that can provide the best efficient air time or the best price if that's what you want. We at Exitours together have flown by most major airlines and we can talk about our experiences from the different companies. Some of the airlines we work with are: SAS, Thai Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, Qatar, KLM and others.

Budget airlines:

For some destinations you can make money by choosing a low-cost carrier in front of a traditional airline. We work with low-cost carriers that we believe delivers great flights without compromising security or too much on service. However, you should be aware that cheap tickets are subject to certain restrictions. Exitours help you in choosing the low-cost carriers worldwide.