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Bryggargatan 4

111 21 Stockholm,Sweden

Tel: (+46) 08-23 83 03
Fax: (+46) 08-21 11 69




Möllevångsgatan 37

214 20 malmö

Tel: (+46) 040-82 803
Mob: (+46) 076-071 00 00


About us


In Sweden Universal Travel Ltd, we have all kinds of trips under one roof. Our strength lies in its ability to combine several destinations per trip, to find the best and most affordable solutions and provide interesting destinations worldwide. We do this while also giving you a good and personal service.

With more than 40,000 destinations and many years of experience in the travel industry, we offer a larger selection with more options than what is possible to find online, as well as security at a travel agency who is at your disposal throughout the trip. Our biggest gain is satisfied customers.

With us, you are in safe hands throughout.



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We care about you. This is one of many reasons why our clients return again and again. There are few travel agencies that can offer so many products and solutions that we have. We take care of every detail and know what it takes to make your trip will be unique. One of the security are with us are always seen and you get a few selected contacts. Whether you talk to us occasionally or regularly, we will give you the special and personal service that is rare in our computer-dominated world. With us, you never push yourself up with a telephone - we always respond immediately. We are small enough to personally know all our customers, but we are also big thanks to our combined experience and personal contacts throughout the world. We give you that little extra. It is caring!


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With us, your experience is absolutely essential, regardless of destination, destination or mode of travel. Flights, car rental, hotels, etc. are just tools for us to customize your perfect experience. We are all experts in our field and with our creativity and knowledge and your preferences, we promise to tailor experiences that provide lasting memories. We know that your wishes are not as anyone else and therefore we have no ready-made packages. We set high standards for ourselves and work hard to provide you with the best solution. Our commitment has not stopped and it is perhaps one reason that customers are all over Sweden and abroad, and among all industries and sizes. Simply among those who know that we spend a lot of our customers, want to feel safe and get the most out of their travels. More and more people are choosing to put all their travel in our hands, both in their leisure travel, conference and business travel. The reason is that we have what you need!


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The greatness of a travel agency located in the commitment, flexibility, creativity, customer focus and personal contacts - not in the number of employees. We have this greatness and our customers notice. We customize all trips and arrange what you want - whether you should go private, at work or in groups. More flexible, it can hardly be. In addition, we understand your need to make changes to bookings - even outside office hours. Therefore, we offer a 24-hour emergency services, whose competence has been highly appreciated by our customers. We can supply various payment solutions and tailoring statistics. For those who more or less commute to certain destinations - we offer a self-booking engine that is light and smooth. Flexibility is a broad word - and we dare say that it fits us like a glove. Our flexibility is unlimited.