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Bryggargatan 4

111 21 Stockholm,Sweden

Tel: (+46) 08-23 83 03
Fax: (+46) 08-21 11 69




Möllevångsgatan 37

214 20 malmö

Tel: (+46) 040-82 803
Mob: (+46) 076-071 00 00




Partners and suppliers

Royal Balloon - Discover Cappadocia from the air.

Dinler Hotels - First class hotel in Turkey.

Rose Mansions - Accommodation out of the ordinary.

Swanson's - Specialist Travel America.

FOREX - Currency Exchange.

Who-is-Where - Swedish travel industry's bible.

Swedavia - Check if the flight is on time m.m.

Järva Tolk & Översättning AB - Proper language skills regardless of mission.


Other travel-related

Reserelaterade nyheter - Travel magazine Stand By.

Turkey Travel Planner - The best guide to Turkey!

Lonely Planet - Classical network guide for backpackers.

Fodors - Another well-known travel guide.

Turistbyråer - Addresses of the official tourist information offices around the world.

Fantastiska Turkiet - Unique photographs of India taken by Alp Alper.

Polisens passinfo - Important site for people who want to know more about the passport

          and ID card.

UD:s reserekommendationer - Travel information from the Swedish embassy.

Visum - Information at Wikipedia.

Dick Osseman's Photo Galleries - Incredibly beautiful photographs taken in Turkey.

ESTA, Electronic System for Travel Authorization - Important to travel to the U.S.

TAT - Tourism Authority of Thailand - Thailand's Official Tourist Office.